Fools - November 14 - November 23, 2013

Neil Simon’s comedic classic Fools returns to the Poplar Pike Playhouse this fall. This award-winning Broadway hit last played at the PPP in 1997, but this year’s cast and crew promise a brand new experience. Fools will make its hysterical run at the Playhouse from November 14 through November 23.

Set in a small Ukrainian village, this wacky comedy begins with the arrival of an ambitious, young school teacher named Leon Tolchinsky. Leon arrives to tutor the local physician’s daughter, but he soon discovers that these nutty townsfolk have been placed under a curse that plagues them with stupidity. Each new character he encounters is more clueless and absurd than the next. When Leon finally meets Sophia, the doctor’s daughter, he immediately falls in love and learns that she is the key to the curse. If he can only enlighten her, not only will he get Sophia, but also free the rest of the village. But if Leon fails, he will become a victim of the curse himself!

Fools Video

PPP Students Turn to Fools

PPP Fools Promo Video