A Big Reaction to The Little Mermaid!

    “It was the best musical I’ve seen at the Poplar Pike Playhouse,” says Martha Morris, “I enjoyed it so much I was dancing along in my seat.”

    People are raving about the regional premiere of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which opened recently at the Poplar Pike Playhouse. The beautifully crafted stage production takes audience members, both young and old, on a journey under the sea and beyond.

     Based off Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved novel, The Little Mermaid tells the age-old fish tale of a young mermaid, Ariel, who falls in love with a human prince. Forbidden from the surface world, Ariel must make a deal with the sea witch Ursula for a pair of human legs. In exchange, Ariel must give up her voice and possibly her soul if she cannot get the human prince to kiss her in three days.

    Every night the actors and backstage crew work together to bring the audience “under the sea” on this funny and entertaining family show.

    “I was thoroughly impressed,” says Kim Douglas, “My son and I loved this show; It’s an incredible show for anyone to come watch.”

    But the actors and backstage crew aren’t the only ones who worked hard to create Disney magic. The underwater sounds and lighting brings the stage to life, and the beautiful costumes catch the eyes of everyone watching.

    “The hair, makeup, and dress were incredible; you could tell that a lot went into it to make it look realistic,” says Douglas.

    Children who saw the show had plenty to say about the performance as well.

    “I thought the show was more than just good, it was great,” says Addison Douglas, “I loved the big costumes and the actors were always smiling, I felt like I was really in the movie.”

    As much as the kids loved the show, there were some differing opinions. When asked about the kiss between Prince Eric and Ariel, Walker Odom and Ella Frazier had opposite views.

    “I loved the kiss,” says Frazier, “it means they are getting married.” Odom on the other hand replied: “Gross!”. 

    The Little Mermaid runs through March 12th. For more information or to reserve and buy tickets, call the Poplar Pike Playhouse Box Office at (901) 755-7775 or visit PPP.org. To keep up with the latest news, follow the Playhouse on Facebook, Instagram (poplarpikeplayhouse), or Twitter (@ppptheatre).