Beauty and the Beast Costume Photos

Photo Highlights

Beauty and the Beast

Book by
Linda Woolverton

Lyrics by
Howard Ashman & Time Rice
Music by
Alan Menken

  • The PPP production of Beauty and the Beast features costumes that capture the magic of the Disney Film Beauty and the Beast and the colorful characters it includes. All are available for rental from the Playhouse.

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Costume Information and Prices
Beast $150
Silk Shirt w/ lace trim
Blue Print Pants
Black Knee-Length Boots
Beast Gloves (Brown leather Gloves w/ Fur)
Beast Mask (wig not included)
Purple Silk Cape
Purple Velvet Coat

Beast Duplicate $100
2 Silk Shirts w/ lace trim (One bloodied and ripped)
Blue Print Pants
Black Knee-Length Boots
Beast Gloves (Brown leather Gloves w/ Fur)

Prince $150
Jeweled Hat
Ruffled Shirt w/ attached medallion
Velvet Jacket w/ tails
Purple Sash
Black Pants
Tall Black Boots (double as Beast boots)

Belle's Village Dress $50
Blue Dress (Skirt, Blouse, Apron, and Vest)

Belle's Dinner Dress $100
Yellow Dress w/ Orange Trim

Belle's Pink Dress $75
Dress w/ pink and white lace

Belle's Final Dress $150
Yellow Dress

Maurice (Belle's Father) $75
Yellow Print Shirt
Silk Ascot
Brown Vest
Brown Patterned Pants

Lefou $75
Black hat w/ Gold Trim
Yellow Print Vest
Red Coat
Patterned Pants

Gaston $60
Gold Shirt
Red Leather Vest
Leather Cuffs
Brown Pants

Silly Girl #1 $100
Cream Peasant Blouse
Salmon Vest
Green Silk Apron
Full Long Skirt

Silly Girl #2 $100
Cream Peasant Blouse
Red and Green Vest
Red and Green Plaid Silk Apron
Yellow and Red Long Skirt

Silly Girl #3 $100
Pale Yellow Peasant Blouse
Pale Gold Silk Apron
Red and Gold Vest
Long Skirt, w/ bottom striped ruffle

Male Villager $75 each, $1050 for all 14

Additional Female Villagers $80 each, $560 for all 7
Some w/ Vests

Cogsworth $250
Wooden Clock Frame (Fabric Covered, Movable Pendulum behind opening door)
Shirt with attached Brown Sleeves
Bouffant Pants

Cogsworth the Human $80
Hat w/ feather
Brown Shirt
Gold Scarf
Gold Coat
Brown Pants

Madame de la Grande Bouche $250
Large Wardrobe Piece (Fabric Covered, fabric skirt at bottom, opening doors)
Brown Striped Coat
White Lace Gloves

Madame de la Grande Bouche the Human $100
Choker w/ red jewels
Gold and Black Dress w/ jeweled trim

Babette $150
Brown Silk Dress w/ Feathers
Sheer Rust Apron w/ matching shrug
Brown Feather Hat

Babette the Human $100
Burgundy Satin Gathered Dress
Shrug and Apron - Sheer Black w/ red bow

Lumiere $250
Black Shirt
Shiny Patterned Pants
Black Velvet Coat w/ tails
Gold Collar
Gold Boots
Candle Pieces for Hands and Head

Lumiere the Human $50 (for 2nd coat)
Shiny Patterned Pants (same as candle stick pants)
Black Shirt w/ blue ascot
Black Coat w/ gold trim and tails

Chip $75
Silk Cup Head Piece
Silk Saucer Neck Piece

Chip the Human $50
Red T-Shirt
Yellow Patterned Jacket
Brown Belt
Brown Pants w/ trim

Mrs. Potts $125
Purple Hat w/ flowers
White Satin Dress w/ purple flowers, gold brocade, handle and spout sleeves

Mrs. Potts the Human $75
White and Lilac Satin Dress w/ flowers
Lilac Hat w/ Lace
Print Organza Apron

Cheese Grater $80
Cheese Head
Two-piece Cheese Grater Costume of quilted silver fabric
Black Shirt

Corkscrew $50
Corkscrew Hat
Two Arm Pieces
Black Tux w/ Black Shirt

Footstool $50
Footstool of tapestry fabric w/ gold trim

2 Forks, 2 Spoons, 2 Knives, 1 Pie Cutter $70 ea., $490 for all
Black Shirt and Pants
Silverware Attached to Sequined Vest

Hand beater $50
Striped Jumpsuit
Attachable Belt and Cog

4 Napkins $75, $300 for all 4
Gathered Napkin Hat
Dress w/ napkin ring middle, w/ appliqué on bottom ruffle

Oven Mitt $50
Oven Mitt Costume Piece (Gold quilted fabric w/ sequined red flowers)

Salt and Pepper Shakers $150 for both
Pale Blue and Silver Dress w/ white sleeves, "P" or "S" on front
Gathered Silver "Shaker" Hat

Rug $70
Fringed Velvet One Piece
(Leotard should be worn underneath)

Whisk $60
Black Shirt
Gray Pants
Silver Whisk Belt

Measuring Spoon $50
Black Tux w/ Silver Trim w/ measuring spoons attached

Plates $75 ea., $300 for all 4
Black Pants
Orange Silk Cummerbund
Purple Ruffled Shirt
Painted Spin-able Plate

Columns (piece specific to our show used to facilitate scene changes) $50 ea., $100 for both
Foam Column Hat
Black Tux Coat
White Tux Shirt
Gold Bow Tie
Black Tux Pants
Column body piece w/ gold fringe

Wolves $65 ea., $520 for all 8
Black Bodysuit w/ attached fur
Wolf Headpiece

Monsieur D'Arque $60
Knee Length Purple Striped Coat
Purple Shirt
Burgundy Ascot
Black Cumberbund w/ burgundy trim
Black Pants

Enchantress $50
Seafoam Green Chiffon Dress

Baker $50
Chef's Hat
Blue Print Shirt
Blue Pants

Bookseller $75
Green striped pants w/ suspenders
Orange Shirt
Purple Coat w/ tails
Triangular Hat

Gargoyles $60 ea., $120 for both
Head Piece
Body Suit

Enchanted Rose Prop $100
Glass Dome
Rose Base
3 Different Rose Stems
-1 w/ Full petals
-1 w/ Single petal
-1 Extra, no petals
Remote - 1 petal from each stem falls with remote activation

Total w/o Rose Prop: $7,125