A Tale of Father and Son Hits the PPP Stage Come February

The relationship between father and son can be a cherished one. From the first time a football is passed back and forth, to the lesson on tying your first tie, dads play an essential role in their sons’ growth. For Poplar Pike Playhouse’s Big Fish cast member Daniel Jaramillo, the fatherly lessons taught in the show are one’s he can compare to with his own dad.

“I feel fortunate to have a father who always cared and let me learn news things on my own,” said Jaramillo. “Growing up I didn’t exactly appreciate it, but looking back on it I will always love my dad for caring.”

Edward Bloom, Big Fish’s epic hero, is the loving and caring father to Will Bloom. From a Wild West showdown to an eccentric USO show, Bloom uses these fantastic tales to impart life’s most important lessons, such as being brave and standing up for what’s right, to a young Will. While the stories might be fictional the lessons that can be pulled out of them can be applied to in today’s world.

“When I was a little kid my own father would tell me stories of brave and heroic figures saving the day,” said Evan Hoover, who plays the strong-minded Will Bloom in PPP’s Big Fish. “Getting the chance to portray Will every night is a constant reminder of the lessons that I learned from my own dad and how they can apply to everything in life.”

Germantown High School’s Poplar Pike Playhouse presents the regional premiere of Big Fish. Based on Tim Burton’s 2003 motion picture, this musical adaptation is barely a year removed from the Broadway stage.

Edward Bloom is a farmer’s son from Alabama who lived a life full of epic adventures, tall tales and imaginative friends. As Edward’s story draws to a close, his son begins a journey to discover his father’s true identity. Is Edward hiding behind his tales, or by understanding the stories will his son come to truly understand the man? Powerful storytelling, uplifting music and show-stopping numbers give this modern musical the feel of a big, Broadway classic.

Be there when the Poplar Pike Playhouse becomes the first theatre in our region to bring Big Fish home to you February 26 through March 14. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online at ppp.org or calling the box office at (901)-755-7775. Follow the PPP on Facebook and Instagram (poplarpikeplayhouse) or Twitter (@ppptheatre) for updates and special coupon codes.  

The cast of Big Fish includes Maclean Mayers, Evan Hoover, Sydney Armstrong, Dailey Thompson, Raneem Imam, Hayley Bardos, Daniel Jaramillo, Elijah Bienz, Caleb Suggs, Ben Taylor, Brigitte Anderson, Alia Burrows, Arafat Quran, Chad Baker, Bryan Scott, Elana Leav, Jacob Kight, Sara Mayers, Jackie Kamin, Kaylynn Coulter, Amber Allen, Summer Eggert, Kennedy Harris, Kassie Kimble, Gabriel Portillo, India Scott, Lundell Simmons, Antonio Smith, Vontrell Thomas, Alan Toney, Alex Turner, Austin Carrico.

    The Poplar Pike Playhouse is the theatre complex located on the campus of Germantown High School.