Audiences are Raving over Big Fish!

    Based on a novel written in 1998, Big Fish was first performed on Broadway in 2013. This past Thursday, the actors at the Poplar Pike Playhouse changed into their costumes and put on the Mid-South’s premiere of the show in response to a roaring applause from their opening night audience.


    “The actors, the costumes, the storyline, I loved it all… I’ve seen the movie before, but seeing it performed live was so much more exciting!” said Martha Morris, who was in tears after watching the premiere.

    The show, which tells the story of a man and his stories, takes place in the South. After living an eventful life as a traveling salesman, Edward Bloom tells stories to his son Will. Will, however, tries to find some meaning behind his father’s often far-fetched stories.

    “The stories that Edward told were so crazy and fun, I loved it. I felt like a kid again listening to bedtime stories,” said Ryan Coleman, who watched his first musical at the Poplar Pike Playhouse.

   However, Big Fish’s unique appeal that attracts audiences is much more than just the stories. What separates this show from other musicals are the many messages that families can take from the show.

   “It was fun, and I loved the moral – everything that your parents tell you, it’s always for a reason, and Edward had his reasons for telling his son what he did,” said Olivia Thomas.

   No matter what type of musical you want to watch, Big Fish has it all! Whether it be romance, adventure, or drama, the show will keep you wanting more – regardless of your age.

   “It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat… I think everyone needs to see this with their mother or father and appreciate the message behind it,” said Morris.

   Big Fish runs through March 14th. Tickets for all nights can be purchased through the box office or online at Blocks of tickets are available at reduced rates for school groups and theatre parties. Contact the box office or visit our website for more information.

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   The Poplar Pike Playhouse is the theatre complex located on the campus of Germantown High School.