Opening Night Excitement for The Little Mermaid!

The Poplar Pike Playhouse goes “under the sea” February 25th with The Little Mermaid and the cast and crew members can’t contain their excitement. From costumes and props to set construction and lighting, this show is sure to transport audiences into a magical crustacean wonderland. 

“I’m most excited to see how all the costumes look on stage!” exclaims junior Dinah Mitchell. She transferred to Germantown High School last semester and already calls the Poplar Pike Playhouse her home. Although she plays the comical role of Scuttle in the show, her talents stretch beyond the theatre. “Everyday after school, I work on costumes for the show alongside my costume crew peers,” Mitchell says. “Nothing will compare to the feeling of watching all our hard work in the costume room being displayed on the stage!” 

The costume crew also is receiving some outside help from a student on a different crew. Backstage worker and set builder, Naya Foster is stringing together one of the most sensational pieces in the show. “I’m crocheting together scalemaille charms for King Triton’s tunic,” Foster says. The Little Mermaid is allowing Foster to challenge herself: “I’ve definitely broadened my horizons by working on a costume and building the set for the show.” Stage manager, Damaris Diaz, also shared her excitement for her senior show. “This is my last show here at the Poplar Pike Playhouse and I’m anxious about the feeling of stage managing for the last time,” she explained. “We’re definitely working hard to make this musical magical!” 

Audiences are sure to recognize some of the iconic tunes from the show such as “Part of Your World”, “Under the Sea”, and “Kiss the Girl”. However, the Broadway musical has added more catchy classics that will leave the audience members singing. The characters from the movie that had no solos have their own songs! One of the most entertaining songs in the show is Scuttle’s “Positoovity”. It’s a vibrant tap number that sets a positive tone for the beginning of the second act. Besides Scuttle, Prince Eric also gets his own solos including the love ballad “Her Voice”. One of the most sincere newly added songs is “If Only”, a beautiful quartet sung by Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, and King Triton. These are just three of many other new songs that audiences should anticipate hearing. 

The students at Germantown High School are more ready than ever to open the show next week! Are you ready to see the Regional Premiere of The Little Mermaid? Call the PPP Box Office at (901) 755-7775 or log on to to reserve your seats today!